Windows 7 Basic and Advanced DVD Training Course


Product Details Microsoft Windows 7 Video Training from Certified Trainer Windows 7 Complete Training Videos are for users who want to master Microsoft’s latest operating system. New features like: Libraries, Jump Lists, Desktop Gadgets, Desktop Slide Show, new Aero Effects, Themes and Features like Aero’s Peek, Shake and Snap, Pinning Taskbar Shortcuts, enhanced Thumbnail Previews,…

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Product Details

Microsoft Windows 7 Video Training from Certified Trainer
Windows 7 Complete Training Videos are for users who want to master Microsoft’s latest operating system. New features like: Libraries, Jump Lists, Desktop Gadgets, Desktop Slide Show, new Aero Effects, Themes and Features like Aero’s Peek, Shake and Snap, Pinning Taskbar Shortcuts, enhanced Thumbnail Previews, and more Windows 7 shortcuts! From the basics of creating and organizing files into folders, and then onto more advanced features like enhancing System Performance by our Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Amazing eLearning offers self-study Microsoft Windows 7 training videos to IT pros and Windows end users alike. After all, the new operating system from Microsoft requires technicians with appropriate technical skills, such as installing, configuring, and troubleshooting, to integrate Windows 7 into the network infrastructure. In addition to deploying Windows 7, the users who must work within the Windows 7 environment must understand the new features and how to perform basic tasks. Whether you are an IT professional or an individual user who wants a better understanding of Windows 7. Watch a Windows 7 training video and learn! Microsoft Windows 7 training is available 24/7, too. Comprehensive coverage of Microsoft Windows 7 benefits and new skills are just a few clicks away!


Microsoft Windows 7 Training Video CBT Features:



Training Videos: An instructor introduces each learning module and gives you a preview of the topics that are covered. Instead of relying on reading written introductions, simply click on the video presentations for an interesting, informative summary of the concepts that you will be learning next. You will be learning these topics directly from an expert instructor who really knows the material.


Hands-On Labs: Interactive hands-on lab scenarios are included for you to practice your skills. In fact, you don’t even need the software on your computer in order to receive this hands-on training. Simulations are critical to the learning process. By modeling a real system and letting you perform the same tasks you would perform on the real system, you are reinforcing your knowledge.


Player Controls: You can navigate freely with the player controls. You can play, pause, rewind, forward, and stop any video topic. The controls are familiar and easy to use. Simply click the control that matches the functions you want. If you are interrupted during your studies, click the pause button so that you won’t miss a single minute of the video training.


Course Map: Choosing which topic you want to learn is easy with the convenient course map. Advanced users may skip ahead or repeat users can pick up where they left off. The course map allows you to pick and choose the topics that interest you and tailor the learning. You can even use it as a quick launch for reviewing specific topics.


Search Function: Find the topics you need instantly. Just type in the word that describes your topic and view the search results. Don’t waste countless minutes trying to find something you need now. The Search function is fast, accurate, and easy to use. Relevant search results and fast hyperlinks will jump you to your desired topic in a blink of an eye.


Note Taking: Put away your notebook and pencil. Instead, jot down notes or questions for later reference by using the useful notepad feature. If an idea comes to mind or if you need to remind yourself of something important while studying, click on the notepad directly from the course interface and type out your thoughts without ever having to lift a pencil.


Bookmarking: Self-paced study is designed to take place over several sessions which makes bookmarking extremely useful. You can exit your training and quickly reference areas of study you wish to revisit later by using bookmarks. If you want to pay special attention to a particular topic, simply use the bookmark feature so that you can spend extra time mastering the concept.


Print: Do you need a hard copy? Sometimes, it’s just not practical to log on to your computer when you have a quick question or want to review. The print function lets you print out a hard copy for those times when you need to study offline. Anything that you see on the screen can be printed out for future reference.


Certificate of Completion: Each interactive course comes with a certificate of completion. After you have finished the course, you just type in your name and print. It’s that simple. Get recognized of your accomplishments with our courses.


Multi-User Licensing: The best single and multi-user licensing agreement in the industry. Our licensing agreements accommodate individual students as well as companies with large training requirements. Single user licenses, single PCs licenses, multiple-user (non-concurrent) licenses, and unlimited corporate server site licenses are all available. This level of flexible licensing can’t be beat. No matter what you need, we have a license.



Table of contents

Microsoft Windows 7 Basic Level

Lesson 1: Exploring Windows 7

1.1 Desktop Enhancements

1.2 Navigating the Start Menu And Windows

1.3 Using the Taskbar

1.4 Using Libraries

1.5 Accessing Help

Lesson 2: Working with Windows Explorer and Folders

2.1 Windows Explore Of Windows 7

2.2 Navigation Windows Explore

2.3 Folder Options

2.4 How to Manage File And Folders

2.5 Search Capabilities

Lesson 3: Customizing Windows 7

3.1 Customizing Windows Operating System

3.2 How to Customize a Taskbar and Notification

3.3 How to Customize Settings of Windows 7 Desktop

3.4 Using Desktop Gadget

3.5 Libraries Functionality

Lesson 4: Using Control Panel

4.1 Understanding Control Panel Views

4.2 Configuring Mouse and Sound Settings

4.3 Creating and Managing User Accounts

4.4 User Account Control

4.5 Adding and Removing Programs

Lesson 5: Networking with Windows 7

5.1 Creating and Managing Home Groups

5.2 Sharing Resources

5.3 Internet Explorer 8


Microsoft Windows 7 Intermediate Level

Lesson 1: Sharing Resources

1.1 Installing Hardware Devices

1.2 Working with Flash Drives

1.3 Installing Printers

1.4 Print Queue

Lesson 2: Backing Up And Restoring Files

2.1 Using Windows Backup

2.2 Using Shadow Copies

2.3 Using System Restore

Lesson 3: Security In Windows 7

3.1 Configuring the Windows Firewall

3.2 Using Windows Update

3.3 Using Antispyware and Antivirus Software

3.4 Family Safety

Lesson 4: Configuring Internet Explorer 8

4.1 Configuring Browser Settings

4.2 Configuring Browser Security

Lesson 5: Customizing Networks

5.1 Configuring and Customizing Networking

5.2 Advanced Sharing Permission and Setting

5.3 Network and Sharing Center

5.4 Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Problems


Microsoft Windows 7 Advanced Level

Lesson 1: Working Remotely

1.1 Creating Remote Access Connections

1.2 Using Remote Desktop

1.3 Understanding Remote Assistance

Lesson 2: System Performance

2.1 Working with Virtual Memory

2.2 Using Task Manager

2.3 Using Performance Monitor

2.4 Using Resource Monitor

2.5 Performance Information and Tools

Lesson 3: Troubleshooting System Settings and Programs

3.1 Understanding Event Viewer

3.2 Using Computer Management

3.3 Using Startup Configuration

Lesson 4: Managing Disks

4.1 Using Disk Management

4.2 Running Disk Cleanup And Disk Defragment

Lesson 5: Security

5.1 Using the Encrypted File System

5.2 Using Bit Locker Drive Encryption

5.3 Advanced Configuration Of The Windows Firewall


Specs and Support

Content: CD-ROM disc (sealed in a DVD-case)

System Requirements:
Platform:  Windows 7, Vista, XP
Processor: Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
Hard drive space: 10MB
CD-ROM Drive speed: 24X

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